More Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas Part 2

>> Thursday, May 28

Part 2.
For the first part of this post, read older post below.

I gather my materials:

I use recycled Kraft boxes from Nashville Wraps. The tan box is like a blank canvas to me!

One of my best flea market finds: a vintage wall paper sample book.

Look at the pretty paper!
I cut each page into squares or rectangles to fit my boxes.

The square piece of wall paper goes into the square Kraft box. I use a hole punch to punch holes for the bobby pins.

Assembled boxes.

Now for the outside of the box.
I had some vintage wide ribbon in my stash. I cut the ribbon into wide strips.

Taped the strips onto the box lids.

Then I use glittery fabric scraps for ribbon.

I insert a little fabric flower under the ribbon. Fabric flowers from a yard sale, a big box of Wilton cake decorating flowers, $3.00

All done!


Rocky O April 29, 2010 at 12:34 PM  

WOW. How crafty! :D

I love the use of the wallpaper book!!!

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