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>> Wednesday, July 1

About 2 years ago, I had opened up a Facebook account for my son's soccer team. I was soccer coach's wife and was responsible for keeping the whole team up to date and informed.
The team parents participated quite a bit and submitted their pictures to our Facebook page. I had set it up as a private group site and want it to remain so.

Today, with Etsy's new Facebook application, I revisited Facebook again and got totally confused!!!
Instead of:
1. deleting my soccer account (private)
2. adding my Etsy shop to my soccer account

I instead created a brand new Facebook account.
Here, I would like to share what I did.

1. Open Facebook account. Record user ID and password somewhere.
2. Go through each tab and fill out information: profile, settings (account, privacy, application). I allowed everyone to see my profile and pages. This is after all, a public site.
Include all your websites/blogs to your profile.
3. Go to bottom of page to the applications tab.
Browse more applications. Search for Etsy.
Set up your Etsy shop. Max pictures is 6.
4. Set up album/s. Add pictures and descriptions. You can upload pictures 5 at a time. Click on the box that says you have the right to these pictures.
Note: I used to delete all my pictures after I have posted an item. Now, I save them in Archive folders on Picassa. I started doing this since I had opened an Artfire store, an blog and now Facebook. I am so glad I saved my pictures. Otherwise, I would have to retake (oh no!!!) pictures of my products.
5. On the organize photos tab, you can reverse the order of your photos or drag to rearrange. (I wish we could do this with out items on Etsy. Sigh. At least it's on beta right now.)
6. Okay, try this at home at your own risk. Open another instance of your browser (I use Firefox and it works with Firefox.) Log into Facebook again, upload pictures at the same time as the other Facebook page. It works.
SAVE CHANGES especially with the album reordering.

Okay, after all that work, I have come to realize something: the pictures I have uploaded are on my personal page, not my fan page. I will have to upload more photos to my fan page.


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