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>> Tuesday, July 7

Twitter is one of the fastest growing community sites with an increase of over 1300% in the last year alone!

"comScore has released some interesting statistics about Twitter. It will come as no surprise that Twitter traffic is on the rise. What is surprising is who's driving the traffic.
45-54 year olds are the top demographic. The more expected demo of 25-34 year olds following closely behind at second. But notice how boomers and senior citizens are getting Twitter on more likely than their grandchildren...!"

Let's get started:
1. Go to twitter web page.

2. Create an account. If possible, use your real name.
Go through settings tabs and enter your info. Do not forget to enter your website url.

3. To make an Etsy Mini background:
Go to your Etsy site. Pick maximum of 5 feature items. Pick a variety of items.
Create an Etsy mini, 1 column max 5 rows.
Click F11 on your keyboard.
Click Print screen.
Open up Paint or any Photo editing software.
Edit, paste.
Use the box thingy to capture your Etsy Mini, copy.
Close the file.
Open a new file. Edit, paste. Save to desktop as a jpeg.

Back to twitter, settings, design.
Upload your etsy mini jpeg file.
Save changes.

I used 2 minis for both my handmade stores, positioned side by side.
Take a look!

4. Start following people.
Several ways:
a. Use search function on twitter. Search for Etsy, handmade, art, jewelry.
I also searched for soccer (I love soccer!), vintage (my other love). You can search for your own interests!
b. http://twi.tter.me - you promise to follow all those who follow you, you get featured for 5 seconds for others to follow you.
c. http://twitseeker.com - search according to names and profiles, you can follow automatically through this site.

5. Submit your twitter site to twitter directories.
a. ifollowback.com
- for some reason, it was not accepting my twitter user name and password
b. add your business to twibs.com - you can search and run promotions on this site

6. Analyze your tweets using twitalyzer.com

7. Unfollow those who do not follow you using huitter.com/mutuality. This site is very useful! You can also mass delete direct messages from this site.
You can also use buzzom.com and tweepular.com.
These websites help you automate following and unfollowing.

8. Twittermass.com - you can pay to manage your twitter at $24/mo. (I don't.)

9. Suggested goal: 2000 following.

10. Start tweeting! You have a maximum of 140 characters for each tweet.
To automate listings, read this forum post.

11. Repeat steps 4-7 every 4 days or so.

Timothy Adam's method:
1. Log in to your twitter account.
2. Click on this link.
3. Click on Tim's following.
4. Follow the first 3 pages of the ones he follows, stop for 1 hour. Follow 3 pages at a time, stopping for 1 hour in between.

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment (the little box on the bottom of the post that looks like an envelope).

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