How To Clean Your Curling Iron

>> Tuesday, August 18

I love my curling irons! I have several of them in different sizes. My mother-in-law just gave me a new one that comes equipped with a brush and rotating cylinder! But alas, my curling irons do get dirty and gunky with hair, hair spray, gel...yuck!
I found this article from that gives several excellent tips on how to clean your curling iron:

Have a bit of hairspray and hair product buildup on your curling iron? Here’s an easy way to clean that gunk off:

* Make sure the curling iron is unplugged and the barrel is cool to the touch.
* Pour a bit of rubbing alcohol on a damp cloth or a cotton ball and rub the barrel of the curling iron clean, make sure to open the clamp so you can wipe underneath it too. If the buildup is really stubborn and won’t come off easily, try gently scrubbing with a toothbrush that was first dipped in rubbing alcohol.
* After removing all of the buildup, take another clean cloth and wet it with a bit of water. Wipe off the curling iron to remove any residue.
* Wait until the barrel of the curling iron is completely dry before plugging it in again.

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