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>> Wednesday, August 19

A few weeks ago (tsk, tsk, I have been slacking with the blogging), my Etsy shop You Are My Sunshine received a heart-warning, well thought out review from a fellow Etsy and Artfire seller. Kiersten Giles, owner of Artfire's Lune and Etsy's LuneDesigns so very kindly posted this review on Link Referral.
Her review made me exhilarated and happy and proud and also gave me some good pointers on how to improve my shop. Thank you so much Kiersten for taking the time to write the review!
See her Etsy shop here.
See her Artfire shop here.
See her blog here.

"Your shop is so professional! Your photography is outstanding, from backgrounds (love them! I'm inspired) to lighting. I love the dappled sunlight in some of your photos (golden yellow and peridot bobby pins, for example)--direct sunlight is hard to do and you've really got the knack for it. Looks like you took the pic at a picnic! Your shop has a really unified, consistent feel all the way through-you've really maintained your aesthetic from section to section. Blessedly brief but friendly profile, announcement, policies, etc. You've covered all your bases with your policies. Your prices are really really attractive (are you sure you're charging enough?), and I think your modest shipping fee for additional items is smart--I think that encourages people to buy multiple things. Very pretty banner, goes well with your shop. You know what else I would love to see in your item photos, esp. with your bobby pins and flower brooches, is to see them on a live model. Like a couple of the bobby pins pushed into a really pretty bridal up-do, or one of your brooches paired with just the right sexy dress or sweater (or wedding or bridesmaid gown!)--I think seeing the item worn and how it can really add to a look or a garment makes it even more tempting for buyers, kind of the way you see a piece of furniture or home decor displayed in a Pottery Barn catalog--people get all kinds of ideas about how they can wear it when they see it in its element and then they have to have it!! I keep imagining those sangria flowers in a glossy brunette up-do, or paired with a 1930s or 1940s style burgundy dress. Your fabric flowers and vintage-style bobby pins really makes me think of the high glam of the golden age of cinema. I love that you made some of those flowers from discarded ball gowns. How cool is that? Congrats on a great shop all around!. "

(I think I will need to comb my hair a bit, put on some make-up and figure out how to use the timer on my camera so I can model some of my stuff. I have 2 sons, no daughters so I don't have ready made models.)


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