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>> Tuesday, August 18

I found some free blog buttons at Cathe Holden's blog, Just Something I Made and added them to my blog! It was really easy and I love the colorful graphics! As my older son would say, I "pimped" my blog!
To add buttons to your blog:
1. Right click on the image you want to save. I have a folder on my desktop that is labeled Temporary and I save images here to be deleted at a later time if I no longer need them.
2. Go to the layout section of your blogger blog. (Please note: these buttons only work with blogger.) Click on add a gadget and pick add a picture.
3. Download your saved image and add the URL.
4. For more instructions, visit Cathe Holden's blog here.
She has more free gadgets and buttons to download!

See my arrows, these are some of the buttons I had added!

How did I add these images of my blog?
I used Microsoft Paint!
1. Go to the page you want to save. Click F11 on your keyboard (this gives you a full screen).
2. Click Printscreen on your keyboard, then click F11 again (this brings back your dashboard).
3. Open Paint. Click Edit, then Paste.
4. Click on the dotted line rectangle thingy (how technical!) to make a box to capture the part of the screen you want to save. Right click Copy.
5. Open new page on Paint. No need to save current work.
6. Your new cropped page will come up. Use the brush tool to make the arrows.
7. Save your work. I save again on my desktop temporary folder, to be deleted at a later time.


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