Remembering Mike

>> Sunday, August 2

After more than 6 months, I can once again watch the video tribute to a good friend of ours who had passed away. I can once again open the emails that portrayed shock, disbelief, sadness and longing when we heard that Mike had left us. With a hug that extended all over the world, we grieved for the loss of a good good friend.

Remembering Mike
The last few days have been a daze as I silently mourn the passing of
an old friend. My heart is heavy, my tears are unshed. I want to see
all you batch mates again so that we can all hug each other and grieve
and cry. Where is Tingke and Tessa and Mayet and Virgie and Marites
and Cookie and Nene and Cely and Ching and Mauro and Edgar and Martin
and Raul and Joey and Irma and Malou and Marie and Nato and Jojo and
Madame and Tong and Manny? And everyone else???
I had heard that Mike was sick but did not realize just how serious it
was. And when I heard of his passing, I thought: Mike? Not Mike!
Cookie's tribute was thoughtful, a beautiful remembrance of a once
strong yet gentle, intelligent and smart, happy, helpful, playful and
intense man. I am sorry Mike, that is how I remember you. I am sorry
too that I was, like many of us, not able to be by your side as you
were on our side so many times in the past.
Mike was our unofficial leader, our go-to guy, in many ways he
represented our class. He was the perfect foil to Manny's never-ending
pranks and jokes. Many times I remember him shaking his head in
despair, beaten once again by Manny's witty tongue.
He would walk around the campus with Mauro, Raul and Joey and act as
if they owned the place. And you know what, they did! They were the
hotshots and Mike was their front runner.
Mike, with all his blustering and ego trips and rivalry with Leo, was
really a nice guy inside and all you had to do was ask and he'd be there.
Mike had funny hair (more like a bad hair day everyday), a funny
accent sometimes and had an appropriate last name for his chosen
field: Kaw.
Mike, as you rest in heaven, I hope you know that we all love you, we
all appreciate you and most of all, we will all miss you.
Edgar, thank you for being strong and patient and supportive when Mike
and his family needed it most.

And now, I can cry.


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