Playing with Wire

>> Monday, September 21

What can you do with wire? Let's check out the innovative and very funny way this man Terry Border uses wire. You can see more on his blog here.


Make Your Day Happy!

A bud vase tutorial from somewhatsimple blog. Turn something quite ordinary into something so extraordinary!
See the full tutorial here.


Pig Candy

I kid you not, if you ever wanted to combine the tastiness of bacon and the sweetness of sugar and if you ever want all those calories (let's say you want to gain weight, let's just say), here are instructions from Instructables. Please someone try it and tell me what you think!


Small Spaces

I am continually fascinated by small living spaces. I admire and envy the people who can live comfortably and elegantly in less (much less) that 3000 square feet of space. This apartment is 450 sq. ft. big. What a beauty!
More on this apartment at Apartment Therapy here.


Freebies from Jinjerup

I found an awesome website with lots of cool freebies like the ones below. Check it out here!


My Beloved S500

>> Sunday, September 20

I use my Canon S500 digital camera for all the pictures that I take for Etsy and I am quite happy with the results. I had to send it back 2 times for repair but Canon repaired it for me for free!
I bought a 4 gigabyte memory card so I can take 4 thousand gazillion pictures. I also bought a battery back up. I don't do any fancy-schmancy settings, just the macro (flower) and no flash. Here are recent pictures that I took. I think they are great!
P.S. All items are currently available at my Etsy shop (shameless plug!).


Live Model

Most of the comments I get about my Etsy shop is about using a live model. I have tried a mannequin (a foam female form I picked up at the Salvation Army) and the jewelry stand but they don't look quite like a live person.
Well, I have sons (so no models there) and all my other female relatives are SOOOOO busy. I thought I would try out myself as a model. I had my 9 year old set up the tripod, I sat on a stool by the living room window and I told him to shoot away. I ended up cropping most if not all of my face out of the pictures but here is what I came up with. The last picture shows the mannequin!


Organizing My Pantry

>> Tuesday, September 1

A article on organizing the pantry inspired me to re-look at my pantry and share how I organized it. Read tipnut's article here.

My pantry:
In our previous homes, we have had large walk in pantries but in this house, we have a smaller closet type pantry with louvre doors. I have to be very organized to make everything fit!

Long rectangular ziplock containers keep cookies, crackers and chips fresh. Easy for my kids to reach for a snack.
My baking supplies are kept neat and organized in very cheap containers:
a vintage red Tupperware bin for 0.25 cents at the flea market
2 vintage style lidded glass canisters, also from the flea market for 0.10 cents each

A small radio/CD player in the pantry, on clearance at Target for $10.00. We can listen to music and educational CD's. There is a multiplication table CD in there, given to me by a friend.
I keep emergency Maalox in the pantry!

I keep a small box of repair supplies like a screw driver set, hammers and nails, ruler and level for quick repairs.
I also keep a small box of wires and plugs. With 4 people in the house, our collection of wires and plugs and cords have grown! I started attaching a label to each one. For example: Palm Pilot cord, gameboy cord, extra cell phone cord, extra iPod ear phones, etc.

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