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>> Sunday, February 21

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We surveyed a varied group of guys to find out if men really have strong preferences when it comes to fragrances. Guess what? Not really - they like scents because their girlfriend/wife/ex wore them. Read on for a few of the amusing responses we received, as well as some fragrances we recommend you buy for yourself, because, as we learned, you need to buy it, or at least pick it, yourself. He's not going to.

What's the best perfume you've ever smelled on a woman?

"Chanel No 5. Just a classic and seems to always smell good on any woman."

"Tommy's just deadly"

"My 2 favorites are Chloe, and Issey Miyake. Chloe is strong, but the flavor of the scent is very natural and fresh. Issey Miyake you can barely tell is being worn, but when you get close it is a soft fresh smell. The nice thing about both is that the woman's natural smell is still there and you are not overpowered by the perfume."

"Bond No. 9 China Town and Stila. It was more about who was wearing them than actual scent."

"Calvin Klein Eternity."

"J'Adore from Christian Dior – my girlfriend at the time wore it…mmmm, now when anyone wears it, it's an instant aphrodisiac."

"TOVA, I like the way it smells because it's unique."

"The only perfume I know is that Angel perfume. I know this because it is somewhat common, and Amanda wore it. The smell makes me happy, but not because of anything special about the smell itself, but rather because I really liked her at the time, and have always associated that smell with that girl. Whenever I smell it on another woman, I don't think ‘Oh, wow, that's a great smell,' I think ‘Oh, wow, she smells like Amanda... I really liked Amanda.'"

"Red Door from Elizabeth Arden. It always reminds me of my delightful wife."

"Pink Sugar. I'm not a huge fan of perfume, but I love this one. I just want to keep breathing it in, it's intoxicating."

"This fragrance oil called Egyptian Musk. It just smells really fresh and clean but is also potent."

"Victoria's Secret is not necessarily my favorite, but for some reason all the women I sleep with have that fragrance on."

"I have, on many occasions, noticed when a woman's perfume smelled good. Did I ever then stop to ask her the name of that perfume? Not once."

What do I use?
For years, I used "Beautiful" by Estee Lauder.
Lately, "Very Sexy" by Victoria's Secret. :)

My mother-in-law, not my husband, keeps me "eau de toilette'd" for my birthday every year!


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