Phrases For Your Listings

>> Thursday, March 11

Here are some phrases you can use for your listings. My source again is the book by Richard Bayan called "Words That Sell."
I use these phrases sparingly, no more than 1 or 2 phrases per listing. These list is what I call "at the tip of my tongue" list because sometimes I just can't remember how to say it!
*Insert your own words in the blanks*

you'll never forget
you'll fall in love with
brightens you
the allure of
pure enjoyment
an unexpected pleasure
bask in
bathes you in
envelopes you in
cool as a summer breeze
the _ you've been waiting for
the magic of
a bouquet
a breath of
revel in
brightens your spirits
boosts your mood
makes your day
get ready to
prepare yourself for
delve into the
discover the
explore the
say "yes" to
capture the
recapture the
relive the
savor the
if you're bold enough
take a deep breath
a thoughtful gift
a tasteful gift
a memorable gift
drop dead cool
simple elegance
classic elegance
savior faire
don't you wish
wouldn't you like to
looking for just the right
tired of the same old
who can out a price on
have you ever thought about
do you enjoy
it isn't everyday that
you're in for a pleasant surprise
it if is your passion, then you'll appreciate
_ doesn't have to be expensive
not just another _
a _ for all seasons
that's _ best friend
it's easy to see
the fun begins with _
your move
for those special times
for those special people in your life
_ with confidence
you owe yourself a _
isn't it time you
when was the last time you
do you ever ask yourself
remember the first time you ever
don't you need
do something extraordinary
let your imagination soar
dare to live your dreams
if you consider yourself
if you sincerely want to
think of it
simply stated
one thing is for sure
this we/I promise
as you can see
as you can imagine
all this and more
and that's not all
and there's more
but that's just part of the story
I'm inviting you
now for the promise
so if you want to enjoy
no wonder
that's why
best of all
so remember
so don't forget
we've saved the best for last
captivating does not have to be expensive
a treasure for all seasons
the fun begins with
for those special times, special moments
for the special person in your life
remember the first time you ever

And a few more words:
at last!


mistyridge March 12, 2010 at 4:42 PM  

Thank you! Another extremely helpful and informative post. I always struggle with writing my listing descriptions. So glad I found your blog.

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