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>> Thursday, March 25

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As my kids' interest in music grows, the more I try to find free internet music sites for them to listen to. It is amazing what is available on the web, especially compared to our days of singles and LP's and radio stations.
What amazes me the most are what my kids are listening to:
Michael Jackson, Prince and Rick Astley. I would never have imagined. Too bad I didn't save all my 8 tracks (just kidding, I had cassette tapes)!

Here are some top internet sites for free music.
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1. Grooveshark
Grooveshark, flat out, is the best place on the Web to listen to music. Just search for a song, artist or album you want to listen to, and Grooveshark pulls from its massive database so you can listen to whatever you want. You can create your own playlist, or let Grooveshark autoplay by choosing similar songs to what you’ve already played. It’s a fast, simple interface, with a monstrous set of songs.

I love because it lets me share my own music taste with the world. Rather than listening to individual songs, is about playlists – you create a playlist of your favorite songs, or some funny songs, or whatever you can think of, and then share it with the world. It’s not the best if you’re just looking to hear a particular song (though it does that fine), but it’s as good as it gets for music discovery, and for sharing your favorites with the world.

3. Pandora
Just because I’ve written the eight reasons Grooveshark’s better than Pandora doesn’t mean Pandora isn’t awesome. It’s a polished, complete Internet radio station that lets you make a station based on a song or artist, and then it plays endlessly with songs you’ll love. Personally, I use it mostly for studying, because it’s easy to just set and forget. It won’t let you just play a single song you’re looking for, but that’s good for the music ADD-ers like myself.

4. Frat Music
Frat Music is hilarious, and far more useful than it should be. Basically, the site is just a collection of playlists you might want to play in a certain situation—things like “Power Hour Mix,” “Homework Mix,” and “Kickback Mix”—and they’re impressively accurate. The playlists are perfect if you’re looking for some thumping bass for a party, or just need some new music for the holidays. There’s not a lot of selection, or customization, but the playlists are really well suited for their purpose.

Listen to music for free on the internet.


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