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>> Thursday, May 6

Discover this shop:
Transport yourself to the ancient city of Izmir, Turkey with new Etsy seller Beliz82!
More than 3000 years of ancient history surrounds her as she creates baby hats and berets, accessories for children, jackets, dresses and blankets in wondrous colors and designs.
Let us discover this shop together.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Beliz and I was born in Izmir in Turkey on 12 October 1982. My father is a cotton broker and my mum she is a house wife. I have one sister. After i finished school I went to Bilkent University. I studied banking and finance and after I finished university I worked in a bank for 2 years. Then I leave my job because I was not happy. I am married 8 months ago my husband in his own business and we are living in Izmir.

What first made you want to become an artist?

After I leave my job I started do cross stitch which I love a lot and after I went to painting courses but I couldn't continue because of the wedding preparations. After our honeymoon like 6 months ago when me my mum and my sister were sitting we saw coasters on the magazine made of crochet and I wanted make for my home. Then I started to doing crochet. I did blankets for myself and after I wanted to do hats for mums for mother day. Then my friend saw and she wanted for her children. I made a lot hats and now I can't stop myself. I think that was inside me but the most influence was my husband's family. When I saw them I love the life that they are living. They make all things by themselves. From food to house-wears and clothes and so on.

What item/s do you make?

I was doing crochet like 6 months ago. I couldn't believe myself that I come here in 6 months but thanks to internet you can learn everything. I love searching and colors are my passion. When I saw flowers with different colors i just wanted make a hat from these colors.
I make hats , muffins , cookies , coasters , blankets from crochet and my mother in love she makes the little baby dresses and jackets form crotchet and knitting.
I work at home I have a small place for crochet. I love all of my product actually I am proud all of them when I finished the hats I have smile on my face because for me they all look cute :)))

What is your most favorite place in the world?

For the most beautiful place in the world is my home city but beside this I have the opportunity to see the other countries while I was going to school for study or holiday with my family. And our honeymoon you must see the photos on my Facebook me and my husband went to Portugal and come back with motorbike in 32 days for our honeymoon and I saw my second home in Spain. Saint Sebastian is my second home. I also love France because of my university is two languages French and English. I went to France for 4 months and Honfleur is my third home I guess.

What would you like to be when you grow up?

When I grow up I want to see myself with my little white shop of crochet products for children and for adults. That's my wish.

What started you on Etsy?

I now Etsy for 4 years and I started to sell on Etsy 1,5 months ago.

What lessons have you learned since starting selling online?

I learned a lot. I learned how selling how adverting how to introduce yourself by reading ETSY articles. Etsy articles helps a lot.

Where do you advertise?
I advertise on Facebook and I have small fan group and also I sometimes advertise on Etsy. This helps a lot too.

What would you like to learn more about Etsy?

Well actually Etsy is like a dictionary. I can learn whatever I wanted to or I e-mail and have the fast response. Right now it seems that i am still learning from Etsy.

Beliz82 on Etsy (Thread Etc.)
Beliz82 on Facebook.

Discover this Shop: A new series celebrating the new Etsy seller.


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