A New Treasury by Stella Pearl

>> Monday, June 28

Peace of Doves is a new Treasury by Etsy seller Stella Pearl. Excited as always by a treasury featuring one of my items, I can't help but check out the curator's store. Who can resist "Baby Clippies and Rock a Billy Roses?"

Peace of Doves Treasury features my Dove White fabric flower brooch alongside other peaceful treasures!

And now, a peek at Stella Pearl's treasures:
This Rockabilly and Pinup Scarlett flower bow is so popular, it is featured in 2 treasuries!

How enchanting is this Lulu Anoon fascinator!

And the inimitable "Sophia," modeled by Dame Miss Betty Faye!

To learn more about Stella Pearl, the Libra, the Brownie dropout, green bean casserole maker, visit her Etsy shop Stella Pearl!


Turquoise Angels, A BEST Team Feature

Thank heaven for little girls! And little girls' tutus!
Turquoise Angels is a delightfully girlie Etsy shop specializing in goodies for little girls, little girls' mommies and little canines as well!
Take a peek what this Etsy shop has to offer!

Come visit Turquoise Angels family owned company run by a mother and daughter team today!
Turquoise Angels' Blog.
Their Twitter and Facebook!


Etsy Flag, a Treasury by Jennifer Dickerson Photography

>> Sunday, June 27

Treasury: Etsy Flag

Jennifer's photographs capture ordinary images and catapult them to extraordinary.
This aqua blue door reminds me of St. Augustine, FL, the oldest city in the USA. St. Augustine is about a 45 mile drive south from where I live. Downtown boasts of quaint shops, tourist attractions, the centuries old fort and sometimes ramshackle buildings and structures that have survived the test of time.
A vintage fork tarnished and much used, the intricacies of its design highlighted in this photograph.

A rustic nail, lonely on a plank of wood in the moonlight. An image so peaceful and striking, this picture made it to the front page of Etsy.

 For more of Jennifer's photography, please visit her Etsy store!


Why I love the Web

>> Wednesday, June 23

A few weeks ago, I was thinking of ways to get more local exposure for my Etsy shop.
I came across a wedding website where I can post my products to be seen locally here in the Jacksonville, FL area and all over the web.
And now, one of my necklaces is featured in the Wedding Wire blog!
Such a pleasure!

This is why I love the web!


Floral Treasuries

Don't you just love that little girl with the pompoms?

{leishop specializes in digital banners and logos for your Etsy shops. Cynthia's designs are feminine and colorful; her prices are very reasonable. She has a sale going on right now!}

{Renew Studios is a brand new Etsy shop with amazing recycled items! You would just have 
Hint: Industrial Series Jewelry opens your eyes to the many ways 
household items can be recycled into beautiful works of art!}

I am lovin' that Salmon Pink purse!

{Lorraine, from Trinity Designer Jewelry compliments me many times by featuring 
my items in her treasuries. But you should see her work.}

So gorgeous!

It is such a pleasure to be in the company of such wonderful and talented Etsy sellers!


A BEST Team Feature, Leo and Junie

>> Monday, June 21

Who amongst us do not welcome the uplifting effects of color?
When you enter Etsy shop Leo and Junie, your senses will be suffused with joyous, vibrant, enticing color!
Leo and Junie specializes in vintage and nature inspired jewelry encouraging everyone to "wear a little piece of a flower garden or a little something from the past!"
Christine is from Lehigh, PA and is Leo and Junie's peace-loving, stubborn yet sensible shop keeper whose current secret love is making treasuries. Well, Chris, I made a treasury of my own featuring my favorites from your store. And may I say, all your items are truly Treasury worthy!

Keep up with Christine and Leo and Junie via her blog, Twitter and Facebook!


Measure Once Cut Twice

>> Tuesday, June 15

It is not secret that I love vintage!
This new treasury by Etsy seller Passed By combines my vintage favorites and features my Vintage Poker Chip Pendant "Screws!"

So inspired am I by this awesome treasury, I couldn't help but create a treasury of my own with my blue color favorites from Etsy shop Passed By:

Drop by Etsy shop Passed By for more vintage finds!



A BEST Team Feature::Conduit Press::

It seems like everyone, young or old, male or female, has a love relationship with notebooks.
In my 13 year old son's treasure box is a special notebook with a metal sheet cover where he draws and writes down his thoughts.
My younger son had always collected notebooks from Sponge Bob to note pads and more recently steno pads.
You will find my husband inseparable from his yellow pad and clipboard, his real world version of an excel spreadsheet where he drafts all his spread sheets.
And me, I have my special travel notebook, my baby books, my jewelry notebook, my diary.
We all seem to want to record our thoughts and ideas, our drawings, our dreams.
What a pleasure it is to get a new notebook with an interesting cover! The crisp new pages within promise to hold our deepest thoughts and ideas!
Etsy seller Talia of Conduit Press handmade and vintage books, journals, albums and cards!
You can imagine the delight I had in perusing this wondrous shop!

Below is a selection of what Conduit Press has to offer and don't forget to visit Talia's shop to pick your own new notebook or journal!

Click on each item to take you to the Etsy page:

Wait, there's more!
If you are ever in the Bloomington, Indiana area, you may be just in time for a craft show and see Talia and Conduit Press in person!

Conduit Press Facebook page, blog, Twitter.
A wonderful shop with a wonderful Etsy seller Talia of Conduit Press!


Catching up on Treasuries!

>> Monday, June 14

These treasuries were curated by amazing Etsy sellers and I get to pick a favorite from each of their shops!


Thank you everyone for featuring my items!

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