Lotus Mira, A BEST Team Feature

>> Wednesday, July 28

Lotus Mira is an overachiever.
A graduate student, earning a law degree and a masters degree.
An Etsy seller currently passionate about handcrafted jewelry and art composed of found objects, vintage artwork and images, and other ephemera.
An animal rights advocate, involved in various charities like Blind Cat Rescue.
She also dabbles on eBay, has a Facebook page, a Twitter page and a blog.
One of these days, she may run for President!
Check out the lovely pendants she has for sale in her Etsy shop!

Find Mira all over the web:

Etsy shop



A BEST Team Feature: Unique Designs by Ms P

>> Wednesday, July 21

Ms P and I, we're like *this!*
She loves tools, I love tools.
She's a tomboy, I'm a wanna be tomboy.
She loves to travel, I love to travel.
She loves cats, I love cats.
She loves reading, I love reading.
She loves making jewelry, I love making jewelry.

I found a few items in her shop that I truly adore!

My older son is a September baby and I was born in October. The two bracelets together would look enchanting together! And although I live in hot and humid Florida, those adorable fingerless gloves will have me stylin' during the two colder months we have her!

Follow MsP, her tools, her cats, her travels on her blogs:
Unique Designs by Ms P
Paula's a Tomboy

Tweet with her!



A BEST Team Feature - Lightkeeping

>> Monday, July 12

Anastasija is from Ireland and she loves making jewelry! She is the shop owner of Etsy shop Lightkeeping. One word describes the lovelies she offers in her shop: color!
Take a look at what I mean:

Read more about Lightkeeping on her blog. 
Keep up with Anastasija 140 characters at a time on her twitter.
Lightkeeping - a jolt of color on a drab Monday morning!


Kata Has Dolls!

>> Thursday, July 8



Blurry-Puddle of Mudd (Ace Combat 5 Video Game Theme-What My Son is Listening To Today)


What's New with Romantic Art

>> Tuesday, July 6

Catching up with Kata of Romantic Art.
Which one is your favorite?



PamAnnie Ink, A BEST Team Feature

My younger son takes piano lessons from a wonderful elderly lady who is not only an accomplished concert performer, she also cans the best green tomato relish from her garden!
One day, as we were finishing on my son's lesson, she beckons me to her sunny front room to show me her hand made cards. She had created beautiful cards with scraps of paper and embellishments! I understood then the amount of work and imagination it takes to create a one of a kind card that holds the dearest sentiments of the creator.
Pam and Annie, long time friends, create such cards! I admit, I am pretty lackadaisical about buying cards for special occasions. You will often find me at Target, on the very day of the event, struggling to find the right card while my husband waits patiently at the Target parking lot, ready to go.
On Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, I usually silently chastise myself because I am looking sadly at empty racks, most of the "good" cards already gone.
One year, I actually made my own card (if you can consider an 8.5" by ll" piece of letter paper a card) for my husband on his birthday. It was a love poem and he was really impressed!
Yes, I am very bad about cards.
But, thanks to Pam and Annie, my problems have seen a better way!

Take a look at a small selection of the cards they have to offer!

The hand stamped mini cards, 3 to a pack, says "Life gives you many reasons to smile." Imagine receiving a card like this! A small token yes, but wouldn't it make you think of your life and agree?
The Betty Davis quote birthday card says "Getting old ain't for sissies." Makes you have a different perspective on those birthdays!
The spring greeting card, a welcome gift anytime of the year says "Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle."

What other way can you brighten up one's day than giving these special, hand made inspiring cards?

Pam and Annie keep on adding new cards to their Etsy shop so visit often!
They also blog, have a Twitter page and Facebook page.

Thank you for sharing your work with us!



Love Spoon, a new Treasury by Corrie Lewis

>> Friday, July 2

Treasury: Love Spoon
Curator: Corrie Lewis

Corrie Lewis is an Etsy seller from the United Kingdom who specializes in ceramics and textile combined to make one of a kind jewelry!
Her Vintage Copper Kilt Pin (above) charmingly assembles vintage material, buttons and a large kilt pin to create a nostalgic, romantic Victorian era pin that brings back memories.
The yellow ceramic brooch is fired and glazed by Corrie herself, adorned with vintage buttons.
The hairclip is fashioned from a large glass vintage button, truly magnificent in size and intricacy of design. Corrie has spent the last 20 years collecting items from history and what she has to offer in her shop are a testimony to her years of collecting!
Check out Corrie Lewis on Etsy!


Feminine Pinks...Warm Yellow Oranges, A Yanni Creations Treasury

A new treasury by Etsy seller Yanni Creations!
Features my Shabby Roses Necklace in Pink.

Yanni Creations is an Etsy seller from the Philippines, she is a Pinay (Tagalog slang for female Filipino) just like me! I am very happy to be featured in a treasury by a fellow Filipina, a kababayan, as we call it.
Yanni says "Give me trash and I can make something beautiful out of it." I just love this statement!
Browsing her shop gives validity to this statement. She decoupages bowls with recycled map pages, she creates earrings, bangles, necklaces, beads and more!
Take a look for yourself at this brand new international shop from the Philippines, Yanni's Creations!

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