Adding Your Business To Yahoo Local

>> Sunday, January 31

Okay, now I am on a roll. After adding my online business to Google Maps, I headed over to Yahoo local. I already have a Yahoo account so I did not need to register.
Here are some questions you will need to answer:
Address (does not have to be complete address, can show only city, state and zip)
E-mail Store URL
Hours of operation
Categories (up to 5)

The main different between Yahoo Local and Google Maps is that to add pictures and a blurb to Yahoo loca, you have to upgrade to $9.95 per month dealy. Not worth it for me yet.

I submitted my business and will get my review and approval in a few days. To check the status, I go here.


How To Use Google Maps for your Business

Tonight I finally got a chance to register my business with Google maps. No, I do not have a brick and mortar store and I run my online business from home. However, I thought this Google application was pretty nifty.
Registering your business with Google maps is pretty simple.
You will be asked the following questions:
Business name
Phone number
Type of business
Category of business
Hours of operation (optional)
Additional info (parking available? - optional)

You can upload up to 10 business related pictures and include a video!
Currently, this Google service is free.

I opted to verify my business via mail. In 2-3 weeks, I will receive a postcard that will verify that I am an existing business. At that point, my little dot on the map will exist.

I will update this post as I learn more.

A bit more about Google Maps from wikipedia:
Google Maps (for a time named Google Local) is a basic web mapping service application and technology provided by Google for free.


I cut my hair.

After two years or so, I finally got tired of the upkeep of super long hair (which I had in a pony tail most of the time). I had my hair cut. Very short.

I went from this:

To this:


What my kids are listening to: Raver's Fantasy


January, a month of creating.

January was unusually cold here in Florida. We had low temperatures of 30 degrees or less. Not a big adjustment for me and the kids since we spent Christmas vacation Reno and snow. I unleashed my creative fingers, itching to make real the ideas I had brewing in my head since the beginning of December.
Here are some of the items I have recently added to my shop:


Three Blog Features!

This past week had been busy but blissful. I received three separate exciting convo's announcing my Etsy store being featured in a blog!
Here they are:
The Vintage Patisserie
Ashli of Etsy's factorygirlashli bought a necklace from me for her wedding.
Here is the necklace.

She wore this simple and demure necklace to her wedding. She features my shop and my Garland Necklace in her new blog The Vintage Patisserie in a gorgeous feature about wedding trends! Read the full story here.
Her Etsy shop is a reflection of her creativity and sense of style!

Wendy, of Hello Wendy's Gems, so graciously featured my Forgotten Ballgown Brooch in her feature entitled "Celebrate the Brooch." Wendy says, at rightly so, that her blog site is a blossoming website that highlights all things delicious and crafty!
She featured this one of a kind creation:

Read her article, follow her tutorial and generally revel in the beauty of this blog!

And last but not least, Heather, of Fabulous Fun Finds, featured my garland necklaces on her blog: Adorable necklaces! My eyes kinda popped out because wow! there I was, me (or at least part of me) on a blog! What can I say, wow!

Heather has giveaways, discounts and of course, amazing and fabulous finds on her website!

Thank you ladies for the honors!


Tailor Made by Colbie Caillat

Hum along to this happy beat!


How To Use TwitterFeed and Vidoop to Automate Twitter Updates

>> Monday, January 4

It is so convenient that this application exists that helps automate your Etsy listing and relisting updates to twitter.
Here's how to do it:
1. Create an account with Vidoop. (Link.)You will be asked for an account name, email address and 3-5 category pictures.
(Remember the email address you used, just in case you forget your password/s.)
2. You will be sent an email with a link to activate your Vidoop account.
3. After activation, you now have a Vidoop Open ID.
4. Go to Twitterfeed. (Link.) Create an account.
5. You can then RSS feed your listings to twitter by going to your shop home page.
Click on the RSS feed button on right, copy and paste URL to Twitterfeed.
6. I did it with both my vintage and handmade shops!

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