A Treasury by ParadisePurls

>> Wednesday, March 31

ParadisePurls, an Etsy BESTteam fellow member has created this wonderful treasury that features thoughtfully selected items, perfect for the spring!

Included in this list is my Splendid Lady In Blue Locket Necklace.

A few of my ParadisePurls favorites:
Okay, I really like the bracelet!



Fresh, Clean and Natural: Featured Seller Artesia Products

>> Tuesday, March 30

This week's feature, a BEST Etsy seller is Artesia Products, a skin and bath products shop. Gazing at the shop banner is one of the most wondrous sights! The banner is fresh, clean, natural with such a professional logo!
Marie, this shop's keeper, is a chemist and an artist. She combines her expertise on chemicals and cosmetics with her passion for natural skin care. A mom of two girls and a teacher, she also manages to create fresh and natural skin care products in small hand made batches to ensure top notch quality! Marie uses Earth's plants and minerals to make products that are tested on family and friends.
A philanthropist as well, she donates 10% of her sales to Water 1st International, an organization that grants funds to communities to establish sustainable safe water systems.

Winged Sandal Foot Soak
This foot soak is sure to soothe your feet after a long day at work or at play!
Available in 2 oz trial size here.

Working Girl Beauty Maintenance Balm
An all around balm for all working girls of the world! This balm can work on cuticles, dry spots, fine lines and even as a make up remover! In Marie's words, it is for "over-all gorgeousness maintenance on-the-go!"
I have to to try this!

Head on over to Artesia Products on Etsy and pick up your new favorites!



While I Was Sleeping: Front Page Feature!

>> Sunday, March 28

I woke up Saturday morning to add odd little email from Statsy.org:
Hi there,
I have some good news for you: youaremysunshine was featured on Etsy's
front page, with the "Slate Gray and Mottled Feathers Wild Flower Brooch"!
Hooray! :-)

Excitedly, I log into Craftcult to find out that yes, YES!!!, my Wild Flower Brooch had been featured on Etsy's front page for a few hours. Too bad I was sleeping!
I gained 8 additional shop hearts for a total of 1055 and a total of 13 hearts for this item. Not bad!
Etsy, do it again please? Next time, when I am awake to bask in the 15 minutes of fame!



LWIF (Look What I Found): Brooches!

>> Thursday, March 25

Pictures courtesy of weheartit.



Top Free Music Sites on the Internet

Picture from www.weheartit.com.

As my kids' interest in music grows, the more I try to find free internet music sites for them to listen to. It is amazing what is available on the web, especially compared to our days of singles and LP's and radio stations.
What amazes me the most are what my kids are listening to:
Michael Jackson, Prince and Rick Astley. I would never have imagined. Too bad I didn't save all my 8 tracks (just kidding, I had cassette tapes)!

Here are some top internet sites for free music.
This article was written by David Pierce of digitizd.com. Read the full article here.

1. Grooveshark
Grooveshark, flat out, is the best place on the Web to listen to music. Just search for a song, artist or album you want to listen to, and Grooveshark pulls from its massive database so you can listen to whatever you want. You can create your own playlist, or let Grooveshark autoplay by choosing similar songs to what you’ve already played. It’s a fast, simple interface, with a monstrous set of songs.

2. Mixtape.me
I love mixtape.me because it lets me share my own music taste with the world. Rather than listening to individual songs, mixtape.me is about playlists – you create a playlist of your favorite songs, or some funny songs, or whatever you can think of, and then share it with the world. It’s not the best if you’re just looking to hear a particular song (though it does that fine), but it’s as good as it gets for music discovery, and for sharing your favorites with the world.

3. Pandora
Just because I’ve written the eight reasons Grooveshark’s better than Pandora doesn’t mean Pandora isn’t awesome. It’s a polished, complete Internet radio station that lets you make a station based on a song or artist, and then it plays endlessly with songs you’ll love. Personally, I use it mostly for studying, because it’s easy to just set and forget. It won’t let you just play a single song you’re looking for, but that’s good for the music ADD-ers like myself.

4. Frat Music
Frat Music is hilarious, and far more useful than it should be. Basically, the site is just a collection of playlists you might want to play in a certain situation—things like “Power Hour Mix,” “Homework Mix,” and “Kickback Mix”—and they’re impressively accurate. The playlists are perfect if you’re looking for some thumping bass for a party, or just need some new music for the holidays. There’s not a lot of selection, or customization, but the playlists are really well suited for their purpose.

Listen to music for free on the internet.



Play A Prank on Your Friends - Or Enemies!

I found this article on Instructables today about how to really get someone mad at you. It seems like a really fun prank to play but not a fun prank to be a victim to!
See instructions here.



Yesterday's Creations

>> Tuesday, March 23



Featured in a BEST Blog!

Naomi, a prolific blogger of Etsy's Moonangelnay, featured my jewelry shop on her blog today.
And although I appreciate the blog love, I appreciate more her beautiful photography!
Take a look:

Thanks Naomi!



Blue and White Jewelry Wear, For A Touch of The Orient

>> Monday, March 22

Add a touch of the Orient with these exotic and unique hand made jewelry from international Etsy seller Claire of bluewhitejewelrywear!
An American expat living in Bangkok, Thailand, this Etsy seller draws inspiration from the visually appealing sights and sounds of the ancient city of Bangkok, Thailand. Take a look at the feast of blue and white earrings and necklaces she has to offer! Each piece reminds you of a land far away with dazzling temples, waterways and floating markets. I had been to Thailand a few years ago as a side trip from Singapore and this shop's bountiful treasures do remind me of the unique flavor of Asia!

Here are some of the delightful jewelry available in her shop:

Oriental Blues Necklace

Pearls and Porcelain Necklace

Porcelain Cube Earrings

Rectangular Chinese Character Earrings

Come visit blueandwhitejewelrywear for your treasure of the Orient!
To know more about her jewelry business and her "life/travels" in Thailand, please visit her blog. World travelers, Claire and her husband had been living in Bangkok for 9 years and will be moving to Santiago, Chili in July of this year. They also have a home in the Adirondacks of NY where they spend part of the summer.



Featured on One Crafty Fox

>> Sunday, March 21

Diana, the writer and creator of One Crafty Fox, a blog, has featured my Wild Flower Brooch Forgotten Ball Gown with Seed Beads in her blog post!

"Spring Blooms" showcases blue hued accessories she would wear with her new hand made spring dress. You can read about it here.

Diana's Etsy store, OneCraftyFox, has delightful jewelry and accessories for you and your home. Please visit her store here.
I love this versatile Orchids hair slide:

But wait, ever crafty Diana has a second Etsy store named SizeMedium full of gorgeous hand made clothing!
I love this one!

Here is part of her description:
Intimate Wear* Flirty and fun, you won't want to take these comfy little shorts off, no matter how much he begs!

(Let me get my honey, he might buy it for me?)

She also has a playlist, made with Mixpod.com.
My thirteen year old really likes that!



Delightful Stop Motion Films

>> Friday, March 19

Lost Things mrYen

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle



Treasury Features!

Two beautiful Etsy treasuries featuring my items!
The first one is entitled Awesome Baby Blues found here.
It features my Welcome Spring Wild Flower Brooch on the top right hand side.
This enticing baby blue treasury is curated by Veronica1566, an Etsy seller from Reno, Nevada. She has gorgeous handmade watches for sale in her store. Check them out!

This next treasury is curated by Etsy seller Happyhound, who among other things, sells luscious handmade soaps! See her soaps, and dog related treats here!
She features my Cyan Blue Wild Flower Brooch is a vibrant treasury aptly named Crystal Blue Persuasion!



Blue, Green, Pink, Gold and White

>> Monday, March 15


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