Featured on Simply Hue

>> Friday, April 30

Vicki, from Simply Hue, graciously featured my shop today.
Take a look!


What is a Meowkernaut?

>> Wednesday, April 28

1. a cat astronaut named Rocky-O
2. a chrochex-er with mad skills that can create a bikini and an owl and an owl in a bikini
3. an endangered species, native of the Californias, rare due to her camera shyness, so unlikely in Californians (see exhibit A - first picture)

1. to draw a half female half snake figure with playmate bodies, fabulous hair and "natural" pedicures

{A rare glimpse of the Meowkernaut in the wild}

Follow these rare Meowkernaut sightings on flickr and blogger.
Her Etsy shop of the same name.



Do Treasuries Work?

>> Monday, April 26

A new treasury by Kata, of Etsy's Romantic Art features my Red Lipstick Earrings.
And today, those earrings sold! Yes, treasuries do work!
Thank you Kata!

{L i a s o n by Romantic Art}

Please take a look at one of Romantic Art's most hearted creations!
Her set of 2 white flower hairpins:
{I just love her photography!}

Come visit her Etsy store today!
To learn more about Kata's country of Hungary, please see my previous post.



About Atoms, Studying With My Fourth Grader

>> Wednesday, April 21

{I spend a large part of my day studying with my kids and following up on their homework. No, they are not homeschooled but my husband and I feel that they are not correctly learning a duplicatable method to study. Most of the subject matter they tackle are very interesting. I would like to share fascinating bits of information with you.}

All matter (living or non-living) is made up of atoms.
Atoms are microscopic.
Atoms are comprised of 3 particles:
protons (positive charge)
neutrons (no charge)
electrons (negative charge)

Protons and neutrons stay in the middle of the atom.
Electrons float around the middle of the atom.
Generally, atoms have the same number of protons and electrons.
When there is a balance of particles, the atom is static (non-moving).
The party starts when there is an imbalance of particles.
It is usually the lighter, more limber free-floating electron that moves away.
When there is an imbalance of particles, specifically protons and neutrons, the atom is now an ion.
And, static electricity occurs.

{More to follow. Test is next week Friday.}



Giveaway Results

I won these beads from a Busy Mom's giveaway and made an asymmetrical necklace!
Thank you Julie of Evelyn's Treasures!

{See more of her giveaways here.}

{Beads I won.}

{Asymmetrical Fabric Flower Necklace}



Attention! A New Etsy Treasury from RomanticArt

>> Tuesday, April 20

An Etsy treasury to grab your attention from RomanticArt!

Kata, RomanticArt's shopkeeper, is a Hungarian woman living in the heart of Europe. Her Etsy shop, RomanticArt, features dreamy accessories for the romantic in you!

{Set of 2 Handmade Ivory Flower Shoe Clips}

Kata shares an enlightening and entertaining video about Budapest, Hungary with all of us.
Bet you didn't know the facts shared in this video!
Thank you Kata for sharing a bit of your fascinating country and its history with us!



>> Monday, April 19

The way to success:
Think rightly.
Feel deeply.
Choose wisely.
Act accordingly.
Live intentionally.


Dandee, A Funny and Sometimes Steamy Etsy Shop

Okay, I know this Etsy shop is pretty unique with a banner that says "Happy Birthday Douchebag!"
Dandee Original Designs started 9 years ago Canada. Influenced by her seamstress mom, Dandee is a fiber addict who can't stop creating! And we should all hope she doesn't!
Visit her shop and as she says, "get ready for a good giggle!"

She samples of her work below:

Twilight Switch Plate - my favorite!!!
Elvis Switch Plate
Sexy Girl Switch Plate
Dirty Dancing Switch Plate
To Do List Card
"Calories" Card

To read more about Dandee and her world, check out her blog.
Follow her on twitter!



Black and White, a BESTeam Treasury

>> Friday, April 16

Treasury: Spring in B and W
Date: 4/15/2010
Curator: owlsomegifts

Owlsomegifts, a BESTeam member has delightful owl themed items!
Look at some of her beau-hoot-tiful owls!


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