My Charger Station, Vintage Style

>> Friday, January 21

With the proliferation of hand held gadgets that (sometimes) dictate our lives,
it is necessary to organize all the chargers and wires and power supplies
for cell phones, mp3's, laptops, etc. After all, each one needs daily
resuscitation in order to survive. At Target, Walmart or Marshall's (my
new favorite store within 10 miles driving distance), you can buy a
charger station: a nifty box that skillfully hides all the guts and connectors for
these devices. Now me, being a vintage fanatic, always think: how can I use
what I already have and not introduce something modern to our home
and save money too?
Here is my vintage version of a charger station:
The vintage hat and the vintage rusty muffin tin hides ugly secrets.
(One day, we will get rid of our home phone/answering machine since we hardly ever use them.
I bought the smallest possible models so they take the least space.)

Under the hat:

 Under the muffin tin:

Since I am at it, here's a few more items I have in my kitchen. 
This "Mom's Diner" sign that I bought at an antique store that
my kids take very seriously (believe me).

A vintage adding machine that I picked up at a church yard sale for $3
 that for some reason my kids love playing with. 
Even my 80 some year old father-in-law seems fascinated by it. 
Maybe it's because it handles like a casino slot machine?

Okay, so maybe I haven't hidden all the wires but one day,
I will conquer this wires/chargers proliferation!

A few more things:
My mom knitted that raspberry colored tiny sweater. Originally an egg cozy,
it ended up as decoration because as my kids pointed out, 
where are the other 11? 
In an egg carton with a dozen eggs, the other 11 eggs will be cold.
My yellow green McCoy planter holds note pads and scrap paper.
My pink Franciscan (?) vase holds pens and pencils.
The mini quilts, vintage now since I got them years ago at a
yard sale in Tulare, CA are made more homey by the handmade
cinnamon heart my son made for me in school.
And one of my newest finds: a candle warmer. Purchased
at the flea market for $1, it warms the candle and suffuses vanilla scent all
over our house! Best of all, you can use the candle over and over
because you never really burn it! 
Now if I can only figure out how to hide the cord!


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