Amethyst Skies, An Artfire Collection

>> Sunday, February 13

Unique gifts for any occasion, take your pick from a dazzling collection of handmade
artisan creations! Curated by Conscious Art Studios, this features my Lavender Sachets.
Conscious Art Studios is the result of a fruitful collaboration
between Jeanne and John Fry, who "create art and music that is meant to 
speak to you on a visual, emotional, and consciously aware level. 
Every piece is designed to share a story , for the story is what connects us all."

So interesting to me is this Music CD by John named

Here is how the Frys describe this CD:
For the Beauty and the Peace that the Native Flute
brings, we bring you a Journey, a Tribal Journey, 
that allows you to find your Center and a deep sense of Relaxation. 
This is what the Native Flute brings to us, and we hope what it can bring to you. 
"Tribal Journey" is a collaboration of the Flute, Udu, Frame Drum, Guitar, and Bass. 
John J Fry is a Native Flute and World Musician of Eastern Cherokee Descent. 
He has been playing Tribal Instruments for over 18 years. I hope you
enjoy this Tribal Journey.

1 ~ Relations 4:18
2 ~ Mountain Light 5:00
3 ~ Red Clay 4:05
4 ~ Flute Spirit 5:20
5 ~ Earth Beat 5:25
6 ~ Native Sun 5:28
7 ~ Wolf Laurel 6:03
8 ~ Owl's Breath 5:50
9 ~ Sundown 5 :03
10 ~ Cedar Bamboo 7:35

Meet the talented Jeanne and John Fry!


Conscious Art Studios ~ Jeanne and John Fry February 13, 2011 at 8:28 PM  

Thank you so much for including us in your blog. So very nice. I will be sharing your blog link on my own.
Have a beautiful Valentines Day

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