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>> Thursday, March 17

Ahhh...but to live in Hawaii! This tropical paradise, with energizing fresh floral air, breathtaking natural wonders and refreshing warm tranquil waters is home to Connie Lou Haskell and Etsy's Redemption Art. After 25 years in the fast paced corporate world, Connie Lou finally finds time to sit back, relax and do what she really loves: creating one of a kind hand sewn pieces 
and collecting vintage items.
She welcomes everyone "aloha" and in her blog Island Buzzy, she writes about art and 
artists, faith, food, friends and the Hawaiian lifestyle.
The recent earthquake that had rocked and devastated Japan and the resulting tsunami 
had not spared Hawaii. People lost their homes, boats have sank, piers
have been damaged. No one was killed or injured and for that the Hawaiian people have been 
very fortunate.In fact, today, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in Hawaii, as Connie Lou says, 
people must think that Hawaiians always look for an excuse to party!

Connie Lou loves making handmade accessories and jewelry using vintage and reclaimed
material, definitely adding the flair and flavor of island life!
Also available at Redemption Art are vintage items to add a bit of
kitsch and Americana to your home and wardrobe. 
Take a look!

Barbarian Princess Handwoven Upcycled Wristlet with Garnets

Do You Love Me Surfer Girl Spring Time Head Band

Princess Pupule Handwoven Upcycled Wristlet


Vintage Hawaiian Hula Girl Outfit Newborn to Three Months Handmade

Retro Ralph Lauren Mini Skirt

Vintage Childs Aloha Shirt

Find Connie Lou on Facebook and Twitter!


HeadpinWear March 18, 2011 at 11:20 AM  

Redemption Art is a great shop!
I love looking at the scenery, pictured in the last photo you used.
And I am very happy to know that lives were spared there.
Thanks for great and informative reading this morning :)

Connie Lou March 19, 2011 at 4:57 AM  

Thank you so much, I so appreciate it!

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