Baba Moon, A BEST Team Feature

>> Thursday, June 30

Boy oh boy! These babies are so so cute!
Baba Moon on Etsy is sure to make every new mom, aspiring mom, mom to be, doting mom and loving grandma swoon!
My kids are far from toddlers but I certainly would have wanted to see them in several of Baba Moon's adorable creations!
Naomi Morgan, from Birmingham, United Kingdom, is the hardworking, camera toting blogger extraordinaire mom of 2 beautiful children. She owns 2 shops on Etsy, a photography shop Moon Angel Nay and this one.
Knitting and crocheting is one of her passions, creating all the patterns for her hats, mittens, scarves. On any given day, we may find Naomi obsessively collecting yarn, taking pictures of nature, writing poems and blogging!
The best thing, among all my favorites I love about Baba Moon are the photographs of babies. Often, I ask myself, "how do they do that???" My kids RARELY EVER sat still enough for me to take decent pictures. These babies are posing, smiling, winking, sleeping, looking straight into the camera with nary a red eye!
Please take a look at the wide and wondrous selection of baby items at Baba Moon because I selected some of my favorites but there are many more at this delightful Etsy shop!

12 to 24 Month Pixie Elf Beanie

6 to 12 Month Pom Bear Beanie

6 to 12 Month Candy Bunny Beanie

12 to 24 Month Bunny Beanie - Plum, White Flopsy Rabbit Hat

5T to Preteen Crochet White Angel Wings

6 to 12 Month Party Owl Beanie

Did I mention that Naomi blogs? Moon Angel Nay Blog is comprehensive with weekly finds, giveaways, blog awards and favorites!


Moonangelnay June 30, 2011 at 4:27 PM  

aw yey thanks so much for this awesome write up im blushing! I love my job so it always means a lot when i receive lovely feedback like this :) thanks so much!

babamoon x

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