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I was born and raised in the city of Marikina, MetroManila, Philippines. My mom is a dietician and worked in a Jesuit University's kitchen as the manager for many years. My dad was in advertising and marketing and worked for several foreign companies based in the Philippines. I have a younger brother who now lives with his family in Reno, Nevada. 

My parents were entrepreneurial and owned several business. They had a movie house (that sometimes showed x-rated movies, my brother and I would sneak up to the projector room and watch), a noodles restaurant, a bakery, a catering business, wedding cake decorating business, several school canteens. We also had chickens, rabbits, snails, orchids that were for sale. Many school days ended for my brother and me doing our homework at the bakery, eating a freshly baked loaf of bread.

I went to an all girls Catholic school until college. This was quite normal in the Philippines, private schools were not too expensive. Yet, school for me and my brother was a financial burden for my parents. My mom and dad were happy that I got accepted at a public university for college. One semester's tuition for me was the equivalent of one month's tuition in the private schools.
I grew up always having a problem with my weight. Given that I could eat just about anything I wanted to in our bakery did not help. My mom was a dietician so she helped me with my diet. I was the only kid I knew in my school whose lunchbox had a hotdog wrapped in foil. No bread, no condiments. Just a boiled hotdog. When I got interested in boys and party-ing, I finally addressed my weight issue by fasting. I guess the term now is anorexia. I would not eat for several days especially before a party or date. My lowest weight was about 91 lbs. My dad would comment on the "chicken bones" that showed prominently around my throat area. The most I have weighed in my life is 175 lbs, the day I was about to give birth to both my kids. I enjoyed every minute of gaining those 70 plus pounds. I would have eating contests with my brother-in-law at the all you could eat buffet restaurants. These days, I try to maintain a healthy 105-108 lbs. I am about 5 feet tall and so I guess that's okay. I am forced to eat healthy to be a good example to my kids. We always have fruits, vegetables, protein, carbohydrates. Not too much desserts and sweets. My mama taught me good.
In college, I studied to be a vet.  I did not enjoy my studies. I did it because my parents wanted to have a scientist in the family. This is a very common cultural value in the Philippines. I cannot say that my parents were wrong, it was the way society was in those days. I was always interested in interior design, the arts, creating. I would decorate and redecorate whatever living space I was in. I always thought and still think that I could live in a cardboard box and it would be the most inviting and cozy cardboard box ever!
I have had several jobs in several industries. I used to work as area manager type for restaurants. I worked in insurance. I worked in finance. I was a mortgage broker and realtor making serious money until the economy took its downturn. Today, I work at home on my businesses, truthfully working harder than I ever have in my life. I work on my children and their schoolwork, I work with my husband on his business and our relationship.

I 1994, after a failed marriage caused me to move from Nevada to California, I married my current husband. It is very hard to believe that we have been married for nearly 16 years now. We have 2 sons, 13 and 10. Our marriage has not been without its sometimes seemingly unsolvable stresses yet we strive to move forward as a unit of 4. As my husband and I tackle the various challenges we encounter raising our kids, I cannot help but think back with sadness at the pain I must have caused my parents growing up. I thought, as my teenager thinks now, that I was so cool and I knew all the answers.

Our family tries to live by a few values:
respect and love for one another
communication is essential for understanding
what would you like to leave to chance?
life, time, love

I am a shy person, an introvert, not the type who would get a crowd going at a gathering. I am much better at one on one. I understand what fundamentally most people want. And that is to be listened to and to be heard. This blog is my tiny voice, my diary, my turn to speak.
I enjoy helping people and sharing what I know. That is why I have been in sales for many years and have always found fulfillment in it.
I hope that you might read my blog and add a little bit of knowledge, perspective, technique, feeling, idea that maybe you had not thought about or known of before. 
You can remain anonymous or you can leave me a comment. 
And although the choice is yours, I would love to hear from you!

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